We find a genuine ‘fit’ for both clients & candidates

Let’s just say it – there are way too many recruiters out there!

You will struggle to find an industry that is as saturated as the recruitment industry! There is a seemingly endless stream of firms and consultants flooding the market, every new business more ‘salesy’ than the last one. Here at Concise we are trying to change the narrative!

We appreciate that finding a new job or sourcing a new employee can be a stressful experience which is why it’s so important to partner with a recruitment firm that genuinely gets IT! A firm that believes in finding a genuine ‘fit’ for both Clients & candidates alike rather than just ‘selling’ a candidate. We place an equal emphasis on finding that ‘fit’ on both a technical and a cultural level. If there is an alignment on both of those levels the likelihood of a long-term and harmonious outcome is so much higher!

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